Friday, August 25, 2006

Key Marketing Questions for the CEO

As the CEO your job is not to know all the answers. Instead your job is to ask the right questions. Then listen.

As the CEO here are a few key marketing questions you might ask. Some of these questions might disturb someone – maybe even you.

What is your key marketing message?

Who knows this?

What do you do that sends this message the best?

What do others in your organization do to reinforce this message?

Who sends this message the best?

What do you do that might detract from this message?

What might others in your organization do that detracts from your key marketing message?

What resources lie untapped or underutilized to help send this message?

Is everything you do and say consistent with your key marketing message? If not - why not - and how will you correct that?

What will you do to magnify and multiply your marketing message?

Why should you not delegate total marketing responsibility to your marketing department?

George Torok can help you ask and answer these questions. When you are ready he has more questions – and answers - for you.

Do you want some disturbing questions asked?
Do you want to gain an unfair marketing advantage?
Do you want to transform your marketing efforts from a department fixation to a company-wide force?

When you want these difficult questions asked - and answered - call George Torok at 905-335-1997

George Torok
Power Marketing

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