Monday, August 14, 2006

First, Train your People

Everybody in your company is marketing. Marketing is about sending messages and everybody is sending messages. Are they marketing for you or against you? Are your people sending the right message for you?

Your people need to know the message that they should be sending. They need to see you sending that message. They need to be trained to send it consistently. They need to be reminded.

Some messages your people might be sending:

Your sales rep who makes unrealistic promises to get the deal

Your customer service manager who hordes customer information

Your marketing expert who creates campaigns in isolation

Your delivery driver who drives recklessly

Your accountant who verbally abuses and threatens your client

Your purchasing manager who lies and misleads suppliers

Your receptionist who is cold and unfriendly

Your warranty officer who is obnoxious

Your cleaning staff who claim “Its not my job”

Your engineer who tells the customer that everyone else is too stupid

Your production foreman who complains that the sales rep lied again

Marketing Point
Before you spend millions on advertising, spend a few thousands on training and communicating to staff. You could save millions.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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