Thursday, August 24, 2006

Executive Briefings – Power Marketing

What will you do now?

That is the question that CEOs and presidents of mid-sized businesses were asked after listening to an executive briefing with George Torok. You might be surprised at what they said.

After meeting with George Torok the CEOs said they would change in these ways:

Talk to more media. I found the presentation a good touchstone to remind me to follow up with existing customers and also to increase the touching base with media and others closer to us – customers, suppliers and staff.
Keith Chen

Find our niche, develop one focused message, and find a good way to deliver it. A great re-awakening and very pragmatic!
Mike Brigham

Use Postcards to promote our new retail store and create an award for the most unique installation of our columns or related products.
Richard Reynolds

Thank people more often and do it in writing. Change my method of sales to change perceptions in the eyes of customers. Perfect timing for me; I needed help to create change in my future approach to staff and customers.
Stan Engelberg

Personal notes, thank you’s and congratulations, personal contact.
Practical and easy to understand and implement ideas on bringing business back to the human element.
Terry Sunderland

It is excellent. I learned more in a couple of hours what I did wrong in the past. I got a couple of very valuable points to improve my business.
Felix Gutnik

Work on getting people to talk about our company and our people, especially myself.
David P. Vella

Excellent practical pointers in marketing and relationship building.
Donald Taylor

More effective use of referrals. Informative, provocative and pragmatic. A very entertaining and useful session. Thank you on behalf of ExecForum.
Paul F. DeCarlo

Our image with more visibility using pro-active means. Simple and succinct…easy to pick ‘nuggets’ and implement.
Louis Zammit

As you can see – these CEOs and presidents reaped a fabulous return on investment from working with George Torok. If you are ready to reap similar results – call George Torok now. 905-335-1997

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