Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Power Marketing Tip

Promote Brand You!

Don’t be fooled into believing that logos, artwork and slogans are your brand. This myth is perpetuated by hungry hordes of designers, marketing consultants and “branding experts”.

Images, colors and words are not your brand. They might be symbols of your brand, but they are not the brand.

Don’t fall in love with your symbols. Changing your symbols is no big deal – changing your brand is huge. For that reason choose your brand very carefully. Change it very thoughtfully.

What is brand?
The answer to that question is better understood after we consider, “What can brand do for you?”

A good brand helps you charge more money, sell more to clients and bring in more new clients. What will do that consistently? Not promotion. Not price cuts. Not cute business cards.

Emotion. How people feel about you. That is brand. Emotion drives most of our decisions – even the “logical” ones.

The neat thing about brand is that you don’t even need to describe it in the exact words that your clients do. As long as they are feeling what you want them to feel. Feelings are individual and we don’t all verbalize them the same way.

For example:

What is the Nike brand?
To me it means winners. Why else would Tiger Woods and Roger Federer wear the swoosh?

What is the Coke brand?
To me it is feeling good about the status quo. Why else did so many Coke drinkers rebel at the introduction of New Coke?

What is Madonna’s brand?
To me it is being provocative. Even though some describe her as constantly “rebranding” herself.

What is your brand?
What do you want your market to feel about you? Get that straight first. The pantone colors, fonts and clever slogans are the easy part.

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