Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Media Friendly

Make your website media friendly

Create a media section on your website. This demonstrates that you are willing to talk to the media. Yes, I know the media can sometimes be cynical and might not use what they find in your media section. Showing that you respect and are willing to work with the media is more than a good start.

Many will use your words. In fact it will surprise you when some of the media use your propaganda word-for-word. It has happened to me. Sometimes you get lucky.

So, how do you make your website media friendly?
Below are some ways you can make your site more media friendly along with links to examples of how to do just that.

Post all your news releases on your website.

Post a collection of your media appearances – radio, TV and print.

Provide fodder for new stories.

Include photos and logos.

Include mock interviews.

Include a FAQ section.

Tell the media how to contact you – by phone, email and snail mail.

Maintain a blog for your informal comments (like this one).

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