Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Marketing Stories

Good marketers are good storytellers. Great marketers are great storytellers.

I said storytellers – not liars. There is a difference.

A storyteller conveys a message in an interesting and entertaining way. A story engages, clarifies and sticks in the mind of the listener. A well-told story stimulates visual images and touches emotions.

Think of some memorable childhood stories like The Night Before Christmas, the Cat in The Hat, and Jack and Jill.

Why did those stories touch you and why did you remember them so well? Notice how little logic has to do with any of these powerful stories. Imagine if your marketing messages worked as well. They can if you learn to tell great stories.

Telling marketing stories and telling stories as a public speaker have a lot in common.

Great leaders use stories to inspire.
Great sellers use stories to persuade.
Problem solvers use stories to find common ground.

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George Torok

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