Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot & Humid

We are experiencing unusually hot and humid weather - Temperatures around 30 degrees Centigrade and 60% humidity. I was dripping sweat just walking early this morning.

What a marketing opportunity!

Consider the marketing events you might schedule in this type of weather. Here are some ideas to create publicity, survive the humidity and have fun:

  • Put a free lemonade stand in front of your shop. Ask for donations that are given to a local charity

  • Put inflatable kiddie pools on the front lawn. Fill them with ice and invite contestants to sit in the ice.

  • Fry an egg on the sidewalk

  • Give away paper fans

  • Collect and Post a list of ideas to stay cool (on your website, on a sign, on flyers)

  • Interview experts on the best foods to eat and drink

  • Invite people to finish the phrase – Johnny Carson style – “it was so hot…”

    Marketing Point:
    Leverage everything that happens as a marketing opportunity.

    George Torok
    Power Marketing

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