Friday, June 30, 2006

The Value of Recognition: Association Awards

"Plaques on the wall don't translate into profits on the bottom line."

Very few things in business translate directly to the bottom line. Sales is the only direct impact - everything else is a cost that indirectly impacts the bottom line. However, plaques on the wall can pay off in a few indirect ways - all of them positive and we need more of that.

Why should business nominate, accept and in general participate in the annual chamber awards program?

Marketing is about sending messages, and winning an award definitely sends a message. The best marketing is when others talk about you like they do when you are nominated or receive an award. This has more credibility than advertising and is longer lasting. Many companies spend lots of money to create a credible image. Winning an award is very cost effective marketing.

When your company wins an award you feel good about your company, your product and yourself. And all of that helps the bottom line. Happy staff tends to translate into happy customers. In addition, companies who win awards tend to attract better employees.

When others in the community read and hear about successful companies in our backyard we feel good about our own futures and business endeavors. Contrast that with how we feel when we hear about layoffs and recessions. Curious. Why don't we have a word for the opposite of recessions?

Let's encourage people to celebrate the successful businesses in our community and encourage more. Success breeds success. Keep the fields fertile.

George Torok, co-author
Secrets of Power Marketing

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