Monday, June 12, 2006

Build Relationships with Postcards

When you get a postcard in the mail how do you feel?

My guess is that you might feel curious at the least – “who sent me a postcard?”
You might feel excited – “Wow! I got a postcard.”

What do you do with it?
You will probably look at it before you open your other mail.
You will probably look at the picture side then turn it over to see who it’s from and what the message is.

If it is a souvenir postcard with a hand written message you will likely read it and feel good. If the postcard is from an exotic place and you like the photo or the sender you might even display the postcard. You might even tell others about the postcard that you got from Bora Bora.

Now think about that.

If a simple postcard can make you feel so good – why not send more postcards to your clients, hot prospects and associates? Imagine how it might make them feel when they think of you.

When I travel – on business or for pleasure - I send a few postcards to my contacts. It might be as few as 20 or as many as 200. It depends on the cache of the location and how much time I have. I sent 600 postcards from the Yukon. I can’t imagine how many I would send from Bora Bora.


Because people remember the postcards. It delights them. They tell others about my postcards. I stay on their mind. It has helped me get business. It has helped me get media coverage. It is a relationship builder. It helps them remember me and feel good about me.

Oh, and it doesn’t need to be from Bora Bora. Any postcard has the same effect. The last batch of postcards I sent was from Saint Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick.

George Torok, author
Secrets of Power Marketing

PS: Don’t write, “Wish you were here”. That is not true. Write a short upbeat message and sign your name clearly so they can read it. Otherwise the postcard was wasted.

PPS: Handwrite the address and your message. Preprinted labels kill the effect.

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