Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Your Guide to Networking Success

Do you want to make your personal networking more profitable?
If you do – you need to read this guide to networking success.
This is a simple guide packed with practical networking how-to’s.

Would your networking be more productive if more people noticed you, valued you and remembered you?

Would your networking be more profitable if you had a simple system to follow?

Would you like to get more referrals from your network?

What is your networking challenge? Find the answer in this practical networking guide.

What’s in this networking guide?

Preview the table of contents.


1. Maximize your time and message Pg 6

2. Your name – help them remember you Pg 8

3. Exchange business cards Pg 10

4. Mingle on purpose - with purpose Pg 13

5. Good conversations – a good beginning Pg15

6. Questions you can ask Pg 17

7. Remember names Pg 19

8. Be positive - Remove negativity Pg 21

9. Your 30-second message Pg 23

10. Grease your network Pg 26

11. Build productive relationships Pg 28

12. Get others to market for you Pg 30

13. Cross promote – leverage your network Pg 31

14. Your 60-second self-introduction to the group Pg 33

15. Your 10-minute category-talk Pg 36

Are you ready to start getting more results from your business networking?

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Order “Your guide to Networking Success”.

This guide is packed with practical tips. It is easy to read and easier to implement.

George Torok
Your Guide to Networking Success

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