Friday, May 12, 2006

Holier than them: K-Lite FM

Who do you claim to be? And what mud are you slinging?

It’s one thing to call yourself “Honest Ed's” It is quite another to claim to be “the Only Honest store in town”. Be careful of falling into this trap.

Political campaigns often lead to “holier than them” claims and mud slinging. In fact it seems that this type of thinking fuels politics, wars and terrorism.

I caution business owners about the dangers of this type of marketing. Yes – you should claim your niche and trumpet it loudly. But be careful about who you claim to be.

A local radio station, K-Lite 102.9 FM, claims to be “Hamilton’s only station that is safe for your whole family to listen to.”

What does that mean?

What do they mean by safe? (That word has a lot of implications to it.)

Why are they suggesting that all the other stations are unsafe? (Inference.)

So I asked these questions of Tom Cooke, VP and GM and Drew Keith, Operations Manger of K-102.9 K-Lite FM.

What does that mean?What do you mean by safe?Why are you suggesting that all of the other radio stations are unsafe?Who set the standard for safe?Who judged the level of safe?

You might think that media would understand the need to respond quickly to media questions. Their response was that they would respond. But they did not – after more than two weeks. More bad marks for K-Lite 102.9 FM.

Those seem like simple questions. I wonder what confused them – or what frightened them? Normally when people don’t answer, that is considered an admission of guilt.

So when you claim to be number one in some area (as a good marketer should) be ready to back up the claim.

You might choose a definite measurable such as:
The largest selection
Largest showroom

You could go with a subjective term such as:
Most Exciting

Avoid these:
Most honest

When you sling mud – you get dirty with your own mud. You damage your own reputation.

Of course there is the issue of professional ethics, credibility and market honesty. And making unbelievable or undependable claims makes you look desperate.

George Torok
Power Marketing

Holier than them: K-Lite FM
K-Lite 102.9 FM
“Hamilton’s only station that is safe for your whole family to listen to”

Hamilton’s other radio stations:

93.3 CFMU


Y108 FM

Country 95.3

Wave 94.7 Smooth Jazz

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