Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Camouflage marketing – hiding in plain sight

When you don’t stand out -

Are you guilty of Camouflage Marketing?

What is the purpose of camouflage?
To blend in - To look like the rest.

Are you guilty of camouflage marketing?
Are you blending in?
Are you looking like the competition?

Check this list:

Does your text read like the rest?
Do your policies sound like the rest?
Does your company make the same lame promises?
Do your ads sound like your competition?
Does your staff say, “Everybody does it this way”?
Are your business practices serving as camouflage?

What happens when you remove your name from your marketing material? Could it fit any of your competition? Why would you camouflage yourself by blending in with your competition?

If you copy your competition you might be guilty of camouflage marketing. And if you are guilty you deserve what little business you get – if any.

Camouflage hides you. Camouflage does not make you stand out. What is your marketing doing for you? You want your marketing to paint a bright red bulls eye on your back.

George Torok

Secrets of Power Marketing

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