Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Power Marketing Tip - Relaunch of epostcard

Power Marketing Tip

Launch your new product – with the 3 R's

Every once in a while launch a new product.
And when you do – tell everyone.
Create some buzz and grab publicity for your business.

George Torok

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Who is everyone? Your clients, prospects, associates, suppliers, and the media.

How do you announce? By direct mail, news release, holding a special event, telephone, your incoming voice message, signs, media ads, email, website…

But you don’t have a new product?No problem. Use the 3 R’s. It doesn’t need to be a brand new from scratch product. Revise, repackage or rename your product. Redecorate, refit or relocate your store. Rework your website. Retire your old technology. Restore your newsletter.

Do something and make a big deal of it. Throw a party and give free gifts. But don’t give gifts to everyone. Give to those you would like to reward.

George Torok announces the relaunch of Power Marketing® Tips. Quick to read and easy to use powerful marketing tips delivered to you monthly by epostcard. It’s a new look. New tips with the same practical no-nonsense focus you expect from George Torok.

George Torok announces the revision of Power Marketing® Website. Tour the new website. Only the name remains the same. Discover the programs that helped one company attain a 3,000% increase in sales.

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We are excited to be back and new again.

PS: Thank you for your patience awaiting this new launch.

PPS: Watch for more exciting announcements, powerful tips and special offers.
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