Thursday, April 13, 2006

Aspirin – relief from pain

We take aspirin or equivalent when it hurts. We seek a solution when the pain or threat of more pain is enough to move us to change. Have you noticed that the changes you make in your life are more often the result of pain than anything else?

Consider these possible pain-change combinations:

Hate the boss – find a new job.
Get fired – become an entrepreneur
Heart attack – change diet, start exercising
Embarrassing presentation – learn to be a better speaker
Lost sale – review selling skills
Broken relationship – learn how to maintain relationships
House break-in – arrange alarm service

Change happens around us every day. The change that we pay attention to is the change that causes us direct pain. Then we change.

Floods on the other side of the world inspire minimal change. But when your next-door neighbor gets robbed, or we do – then we change quickly. When our hydro grid fails a bunch of us buys flashlights and generators – because we felt the pain and fear of deprivation.

Why is that important to you?
If you want people to buy – you must identify their pain – and touch that nerve.

Then offer your aspirin.

George Torok

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