Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Van Gogh Syndrome

The Van Gogh Syndrome

Vincent Van Gogh was a genius. He was a great artist. He challenged the norms and produced powerful art. Van Gogh was unique. He was a master of his craft. He was a prolific artist.

Yet – that was not enough. Van Gogh expected the art to sell itself.

During his lifetime Van Gogh was not appreciated for his work. In fact, I read that he sold only one painting while he was alive – and the purchase was secretly made by his brother. His brother bought the painting to encourage Vincent. As the story is told, it had the opposite result. When Vincent Van Gogh discovered his brother’s well-intentioned deception – Vincent was angry and became more depressed.

Instead of being encouraged by his brother’s support, Vincent Van Gogh was more depressed at the lack of public appreciation.

If you are in business for public appreciation – than get out of the business fast.

Because public appreciation comes and goes. And media appreciation is most fickle. One day you are the rose – the next day you are the thorn.

Vincent Van Gogh never realized that he was first a business owner – that his number one job was to sell his art. His number two job was to market his value. His number three job was to paint. Be clear on your job priorities.

Now he is dead and his paintings sell for millions of dollars. Don't fall victim to the Van Gogh Syndrome. Don’t wait for your death to be your greatest marketing event.

George Torok

Power Marketing

Monday, April 24, 2006

Write Headlines That Kick Butt

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Start kicking butt now.

George Torok
Power Marketing

Thursday, April 20, 2006

TEC Canada presents Power Marketing

CEO’s are invited to be guests of TEC Canada to hear Power Marketing author, George Torok, speak at The Westin Nova Scotian in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is a special program for CEO’s only

If you are a CEO in the Halifax area you might want to attend this special event. Your choice – attend for breakfast or lunch presentation (meal included).

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TEC Canada (The Executive Committee) LTD presents

Power Marketing

You’re not making money unless someone is buying your product.

Why is it that marketing tends to be delegated entirely to a marketing department or agency?

Marketing has the power to distinguish you from your competition, but if left unmanaged, can bring failure to the most brilliant of ideas.

Bestselling author George Torok will discuss how you can get more involved in your company’s marketing strategy.

At this presentation you will:

● Learn how to clearly define and guide your marketing efforts

● Hear about the five power marketing strategies

● Gain a simple technique for testing your total marketing message

● Hear fundamental principles, practical techniques and inspiring examples

● Discover the key fundamental of building relationships

Attending this presentation will show you that the secrets to power marketing are simple, doable and profitable, as well as provide you with an opportunity to learn more about TEC.

When: Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Choose breakfast or lunch (meal included)
7:30 am- 9:30am or 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Where: The Westin Nova Scotian,
Harbour Suite B,
1181 Halifax Street,
Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is a no-charge event – pre-registration required.
For CEO’s only

To register:

Visit the TEC web site and click on the RSVP button on the front page

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TEC is the pre-eminent leadership organization for the personal and professional development of chief executives.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Power Marketing Tip - Relaunch of epostcard

Power Marketing Tip

Launch your new product – with the 3 R's

Every once in a while launch a new product.
And when you do – tell everyone.
Create some buzz and grab publicity for your business.

George Torok

Read the rest below...

Who is everyone? Your clients, prospects, associates, suppliers, and the media.

How do you announce? By direct mail, news release, holding a special event, telephone, your incoming voice message, signs, media ads, email, website…

But you don’t have a new product?No problem. Use the 3 R’s. It doesn’t need to be a brand new from scratch product. Revise, repackage or rename your product. Redecorate, refit or relocate your store. Rework your website. Retire your old technology. Restore your newsletter.

Do something and make a big deal of it. Throw a party and give free gifts. But don’t give gifts to everyone. Give to those you would like to reward.

George Torok announces the relaunch of Power Marketing® Tips. Quick to read and easy to use powerful marketing tips delivered to you monthly by epostcard. It’s a new look. New tips with the same practical no-nonsense focus you expect from George Torok.

George Torok announces the revision of Power Marketing® Website. Tour the new website. Only the name remains the same. Discover the programs that helped one company attain a 3,000% increase in sales.

Our gift to you, for remaining a loyal subscriber is the special report “50 Power Marketing® Tips” Click here to download your free copy of this ebook. (PDF format)

We are excited to be back and new again.

PS: Thank you for your patience awaiting this new launch.

PPS: Watch for more exciting announcements, powerful tips and special offers.
Send this epostcard to your colleagues who need and want to market more profitably.

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Reprint these tips in your publication, email or website at no charge. Be sure to include my name and website.

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Your comments on this tip are welcomed. Email directly to

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Monday, April 17, 2006

The best advice I heard this week

“You need to be able to accept rejection and reject acceptance.”

Alan Weiss
Summit Consulting
Author of Million Dollar Consulting

Selling is about winning some of the time. It means going back for more rejection.

And running your business means saying no to lost causes. It is tough to do. It can be critical to your survival and growth.

Get used to hearing no.

Be prepared to say no.

George Torok

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Aspirin – relief from pain

We take aspirin or equivalent when it hurts. We seek a solution when the pain or threat of more pain is enough to move us to change. Have you noticed that the changes you make in your life are more often the result of pain than anything else?

Consider these possible pain-change combinations:

Hate the boss – find a new job.
Get fired – become an entrepreneur
Heart attack – change diet, start exercising
Embarrassing presentation – learn to be a better speaker
Lost sale – review selling skills
Broken relationship – learn how to maintain relationships
House break-in – arrange alarm service

Change happens around us every day. The change that we pay attention to is the change that causes us direct pain. Then we change.

Floods on the other side of the world inspire minimal change. But when your next-door neighbor gets robbed, or we do – then we change quickly. When our hydro grid fails a bunch of us buys flashlights and generators – because we felt the pain and fear of deprivation.

Why is that important to you?
If you want people to buy – you must identify their pain – and touch that nerve.

Then offer your aspirin.

George Torok

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

About us – or about nothing

Isn’t it amazing how many companies don’t get it?

Let’s assume that you visit a company website to check them out. It’s not that you will buy online – you just what to see who they are and what they stand for and any other interesting information before you make that decision to buy.

You click on the “About Us” tab. And what do you find?

Too often you find a page that shouts their boring mission statement in the language of industry jargon. Turns out the page is really not about us – it is about “it” or worse about nothing. Kind of like Seinfeld.

What do we expect to find on the “About us” section of a website?

Key players
Contact info

You know – about us. “Us” implies people.

If you are not going to talk “About Us” on your website then please change the heading to “About it” or “About Nothing”.

About George Torok

Your Host

Friday, April 07, 2006

ET phone home

The movie, E.T. (1982) is an old Steven Spielberg movie. But there are some wonderful messages that we can learn from it. If you haven’t seen it – watch it. If you haven’t seen it recently – watch it again.

The first lesson might be that we should not be afraid of something or someone just because they are different from us.

The second lesson is that every once in a while something comes along that completely changes our perspective. Remember when the world changed from flat to round (most of us were not born yet)? Remember when the earth was no longer the center of the universe? Remember when the Soviet Union was the evil empire? Remember how the Internet changed the world? Things change.

The third lesson is: be clear and simple in your message. ET said, “ET phone home.”
Wow! That is a simple and clear message.

The last message is hope. Remember the scene near the end of the movie with the boys riding their bicycles and they started to fly? How did you feel watching that scene? I felt joy and hope.

There are some powerful messages for marketers in that movie.

Watch the movie.

George Torok

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Networking is good for business and ...

Can networking save your life – or that of someone close to you? Oh Yes!

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
His doctor missed the early signs of cancer and then was slow in reacting. Fortunately my father asked me for help and did some of his own checking.

I mentioned my concern about the prostate cancer to a long time colleague. She made some calls and a few days later gave me the name of a surgeon that was known as one of the best.

At the same time my father asked around his fitness club and learned of a retired physician who had survived prostate cancer. The retired physician gave him the name of the surgeon who operated on him – and added that he considered this surgeon to be the best.

The same name came up twice from two separate networking relationships.

The bottom line – my father was able to arrange for a referral and quick surgery, and has survived the cancer. If my father had endured the ‘normal’ channels, it is questionable that he would be alive.

The more people you have in your network the more successful you will be in whatever you choose to do.

The more people you have in your network the more successful you will be in whatever you choose to do.

George Torok
Your Guide to Networking Success

Monday, April 03, 2006

Night Light Marketing

Night Light Marketing

I woke up the other night – not so unusual. But this time I noticed how bright the hallway looked.

I immediately wondered – why is the kitchen light on? And when I finally roused myself from the sleep stupor I walked to the kitchen to discover that the light in the kitchen was off. All that shining light emanated from the little 1.5 volt night light in the bathroom. It turns out we had been without a night light for a few days so the contrast was huge.

‘Wow!’ I thought as I found my way back to bed – is that ever bright. And before I fell asleep again I mused for awhile about that night light. Doesn’t everybody do this?

What a great marketing lesson. I would never notice that night light during the day when the sun is shinning or in the evening when other lights are on. But it shines like a beacon when everything is dark.

What is the learning point?

Shine where no one else is shining.
Make noise when everyone else is silent.
Be where the competition is not.

Stop competing. .Never go head-to-head. Instead – stand alone and be noticed.

Marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, calls this going where the herd is not.

Don’t go with the flow.
Don’t stand with the herd.
Shine a light where it is dark.
…If you want to be noticed.

George Torok

Secrets of Power Marketing

Definition: Night light Marketing – a tiny light shining in the dark.