Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I like you - you are crazy like me.

The temperature outside was –9 Celsius

Minus 9 Celsius!

That’s 16 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.

Far below freezing on any scale.

So why was I outside?I was running. In fact I was running 20k along a hilly route.

Why?Training. To get ready for the big race. A 30k race.

Why did I want to run this race?Short answer - Just because.

For about two hours I ran up and down the hills – got to the really big hill – ran down and up – rested for a few minutes then turned around and ran back.

Why?Training for the 30k race.

What did I learn?

I noticed about 60 other runners along the way, most running in groups and some alone – like me. Most waved to me or said hello verbally or visually.

Why is that significant?

This is the learning point.

We relate to people who are like us. We especially relate to people who have suffered or are suffering the same pain as us.

So the other runners on this day knew that we had a common pain. That we collectively had trained and continued to train – despite the fatigue, pain, cold and hills to run an incredibly long and painful race. Maybe some even thought, “you are crazy like me.”

Yes – we could relate to each other – if even for a ‘few-second’ greeting.

To build stronger relationships in your business – find ways that your prospects can relate to you. Show them how you are similar.

George Torok
Running in the cold

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