Monday, March 27, 2006

How do you treat the customers who care about you?

That might be a trick question.

Who are the customers who really care about you? The ones who tell you what you are doing wrong. They are trying to help you.

How difficult do you make it for them? How well do you encourage them to give you constructive feedback? How do you reward them for their effort? (It is always an effort.)

Maybe you thought that customers who complained are your worst customers. They could be your best. They are concerned enough to tell you what you are doing wrong. They care. If they did not care they would just leave you and say nothing.

So, how do you treat them? Do you put up barriers? Do you have gatekeepers prepped to block them? Do you have policy keepers arrogantly standing in the way? Do you have front-line staff defending their customer non-friendly ways?

If you think you are delivering perfect service because your complaints are down – maybe it is just too damned frustrating to get a complaint through to you.

Recently I received the third defective video camera from a supplier. I just got tired of complaining to someone who doesn’t seem to care. So I did not return this third camera.

Imagine how many customers you chased away because of their frustration of trying to get through to you.

George Torok

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