Monday, March 13, 2006

How can George Torok help you?

If you are serious then we should talk – after you complete the marketing audit.

Depending on your vision, goals and resource, I might help you by:

Delivering an inspirational speech at your sales meeting.

Delivering a workshop for your sales and marketing people.

Delivering a comprehensive coaching program for your key people.

Do my programs work?

Read this.

“Secrets of Power Marketing helped us increase our business 3,000% - and that was from just one client.

This client had been giving us about $10,000 annually, in business, for the past six years. We were frustrated with this amount because we knew there was more business available.

After attending George Torok's program we applied a fresh and innovative approach with our client. We immediately used his ideas to grab attention and boost credibility. We continued to follow his marketing system to build relationships and offer more value.

Listen to the numbers. That client doubled the first year and has doubled every year for the past five years.

‘Secrets of Power Marketing’ enabled us to better service our client and build a positive working relationship.

‘Secrets of Power Marketing’ was the magic key for us."

Richard Maude,President
Ad Plus Promotions Inc.

Call me – only if you are serious.

George Torok

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