Friday, March 24, 2006

Follow-up – what a great concept.

It’s not the concept that counts – it’s the follow through.

In the past year I have made three major purchases, new windows for the house, a motorcycle and a gas fireplace insert.

We were happy with each purchase, (I was especially happy about the motorcycle – read that story here).

We were so happy about the windows that we wrote the window company a very nice thank you letter that would make a fabulous promotional piece for them.

Yet – not one of them followed up with us.

The windows company did not even say ‘thank you’ for the fabulous letter I wrote them.

The Motorcycle shop never called nor wrote to ask about how I was enjoying the bike.

The fireplace company never checked to see if everything was ok.

We love every purchase … but….

What’s the matter with people?

Is business too good?

Don’t they see my business as more than a one-time purchase?

Do they need some bad years to realize the importance of follow-up?

The letter to the windows company was a gift. You know they don’t get that every job – yet they failed to thank me for it. Plus they never called to see if everything was okay. They never stopped by to have a look around.

So here is the dilemma: When I am asked by a neighbor, friend or colleague about where to buy windows, a fireplace or motorcycle – what should I say?

George Torok

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