Monday, February 06, 2006

Where in the World is Waldo? - Or - Car 54 Where Are You?

So where in the Internet world are you?

Google your name.
Google your company name.
Google your product name.
Google your unique selling proposition.

Go ahead – I dare you.

So what did you find? Does what you found scare you, delight you or surprise you?
Are you pleased, annoyed or confused?

Were you easy to find? Imagine what your customers or prospects would find. Imagine what suppliers or new employees would find.

Are they getting the message that you want them to receive?

Now do the same Google searches on your competitors, colleagues and suppliers.

Where do you think most look when they are searching for information, suppliers or partners?

The Internet

If you want to be found, are you easy to find?

And if you are not found – we might wonder why you don’t want to be found.

George Torok

PS: Google my name – I dare you.

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