Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What’s in a name? Call it what it’s not

Imagine an image of Greenland. What do you see? If you see green fields and green trees that would be normal. The reality is that Greenland is nearly 2/3 covered with a glacier that is two miles thick.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! So why the name – Greenland? It seems that the explorer who discovered Greenland was marketing savvy. He realized that there would be no glory in finding “Iceland” so he named this ice covered island Greenland.

Where do we see this ancient explorer’s wisdom repeated today?

Life insurance. Come on, its death insurance. It is insurance against dying – not against living. Yet those companies market life insurance. It just sounds a lot better.

Beauty cream is not for people who are beautiful. It is for ugly people who want to think they can be beautiful. But who would buy ugly cream?

Have you noticed that diet programs never mention anything about fat people? But that is who it is for. Instead they have names like “Slim fast”.

Dog training is not about training the dog. It is about training the dog owner. But what dog owner wants to admit that he is dumber than his dog? But that is the reality. The training is for the dog owner. You take the dog just to make you look good.

What does this mean to you?

If you are selling ugly pills – think of a beautiful name for them. You will sell more that way.

George Torok

Power Marketing

Headline Writer Pro

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