Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Blue Man Group

How do you redefine your industry? How do you blow the competition out of the water?

The Blue Man Group does that. Look at how they do that.

They created something totally unique. There is nothing comparable to what they do. How would you describe their form of entertainment? Well, it is a combination of pantomime, humor, percussion, light show, splashing paint and three guys in blue latex suits. It is high energy. It is audience interactive – especially the finale. The show is perfect for people with a short attention span.

Go see the Blue Man Group. Experience the show. Enjoy it – then spend some time thinking about it. Ask yourself how you might learn from it. How might you apply these principles and techniques to your own business?

Notice how those in the front row get raincoats. Imagine how that must make them feel: more involved.

Notice how the point of attention changes every few minutes - from top right to bottom right to the middle of the audience. They don’t let you get bored. They know what they are delivering is an experience. What experience do you deliver for your customers?

And yes, the finale is spectacular. Why? Because it is so unusual and it finishes on a complete high. You walk out of the theatre just bouncing along.

If you need a powerful perspective or just some incredible ideas on how to refine your business, see the Blue Man Group.

The Official Site for the Blue Man Group

George Torok

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