Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Ground Hog Day – Happy New Year of the Dog

How are you leveraging these special dates in your marketing?

These special days are free marketing resources for you. You can leverage them to stand out from the competition.

Did you send Christmas cards to your clients? That’s nice – but how does that make you stand out? Have you considered how many others did the same?

If you want to be noticed, do something different.

Why not send a Ground Hog Day greeting?
Why not send a Chinese New Year greeting?

Do something special for your customers. And use these specials days as the excuse.

Be where your competition is not. Celebrate what they don’t. Don’t bother wasting your time and money doing the same thing your competition does. It doesn’t differentiate you.

Learn more about Punxsutawney Phil at

Learn more about Wiarton Willie at

Learn more about Chinese New Year at

And of course you can tap into the hype about Super Bowl

George Torok

PS: Happy Ground Hog Day

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